About us

We are one of the main suppliers of consoles and switchboards, we also provide radio navigation systems, general ship automation, containerized solutions for both mechanical and electrical systems, systems in the compact formula – SKID, heat exchangers, high-pressure tanks and liquefied gases, as well as installation and worldwide service.

What distinguishes us in particular is the comprehensiveness of our products and services. We are a company with wide experience and extensive design and implementation competences, which are manifested in the entire spectrum of works, starting from electrical locksmiths, laying the wiring, connecting devices, commissioning and after-sales service. We always try to offer our clients complete turnkey solutions.

Thanks to the implementation of research and development projects, we have become a company that consciously and responsibly tries to improve the quality of the natural environment. We are aware of how important it is nowadays to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and that is why we care so much about developing and promoting solutions that significantly reduce these emissions.


Comprehensive implementation of "turnkey" projects, with a full range of services in line with customer expectations.


Comprehensive solutions and technologies based on energy distribution with the use of direct current; navigation and navigation systems on ships with comprehensive production of control panels and consoles corresponding to the latest trends and the most modern technical solutions in the world.


Qualified staff of electrometers and automation engineers with competences acquired in the implementation of many projects in the maritime and land industry.


We provide service and after-sales service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in all conditions and around the world, in order to provide comprehensive customer support.


Rynek morski

Świadczymy usługi konserwacyjne i instalacyjne dla naszych Klientów, zapewniając jednocześnie instalację i uruchomienie produktów w ramach prowadzonych projektów…

Rynek offshore

Na przestrzeni ostatnich 15 lat zdobyliśmy bogate doświadczenie w przemyśle wydobycia i eksploatacji złóż podmorskich oraz z Klientami branży petrochemicznej…

Rynek wojskowy

Jesteśmy stale zaangażowani w realizację projektów na rynku wojskowym. Kompleksowo realizujemy prace elektryczne wraz z dostawami wyposażenia na…

Rynek lądowy

Oferujemy kompleksowe usługi instalacji energetycznych i sygnałowych w oparciu o bogate doświadczenie pracy na wymagających obiektach…



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